What is the best thing in Navision 3.60?

Country specific versions often include the first few service packs. I always download service packs (up to sp16 at this moment) from the partnerguide. Willy


Originally posted by Arthur
Yeah, color coding and it would be great if I can choose function name from drop down list like in VB [:)]

Yeah, that would also be verry nice!!! [:D] I’ve been asking about these things for almost five years nou!!! Bill, you’ve bought it, now fix it!!! [8D]

i believe that the new hotfixes and service packs for the new bugs will be the “beast” thing [8D] that will happen to us be happy & yourself mck

Hi Dears, quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mohammad: You may call me ignorant but I have never seen any service packs for any version of NAVISION Financials/Attain. Where they are to be found? Regards Alarich BTW: We are using the german version Its nothing to do with KSA or any other country my friends. Its in W1 Version. I don’t know if you have access to Navision’s FTP. Just check it out.