What is the best Approach, where shall I to Start?

Hi Guys. I have been working with the Core Navision Product for 9 years, but only with the core product , so I know it inside out. [8D] But I need to move my skills on, there is a need for this now, as I have fallen well behind [:I], looking towards NAS, Portals etc:?, communicating from a web site both ways. I only have a local PC at home, so what can I achive with the Localhost environment? [:0] I have Visual Studio 2005 Express, MS SQL 2005 Express and Visual Web Developer, so I can set up a basic site with a MS SQL database, then I need to push and pull the data from Navision. I need a starting point, a bit of pointing in the right direction! Anyone? BTW: Visual Studio 2005 Express, MS SQL 2005 Express and Visual Web Developer, are all free for life from Microsoft if anyone else like me needs a jumpstart to look at them here is the link:http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/ and there are lots of downloadable sites, tutorials and help from http://www.asp.net/ I downloaded a commerce site and it was running in 5 minutes! and this is the one I want to play with pushing Cronus UK data into its database.

Hi David, I was thinking the exact same thing end of last year. Having just recently been at a MIcrosoft meeting, I was gob smacked by the level of new technology that we are about to see. Definitely the future for Navision is very very bright, but we do need to keep up. I am just now looking to buy a test server, which will be used just for learing and trying out new technology related to Navision. By this I mean XML, commerce portal Business notification etc. I basically want it all on one box. It wont be the fastest, but for a test envoironment it will do the job. I will probably have terminal server on it, so remote access will be possible. I have the opposite interent of most peoiple, in that I have faster upload than down load, so it should be OK for a couple of test users. Anyway the idea is to use this as a playground, and since palygrounds are more fun with more people, I want some how to share it but with out going silly. Also I can’t learn everything by myself, so this will make it easier to share our knowledge. The idea being, we run though a scenario from start to end, and do a step by step on MBSOnline, where people can help not jsut with text but also by logging on. Anyway I started looking for the server this week. Is this the sort of thing you were thinking of?

OH by th eway, the biggest issue, it to work out how much of this technology will run on a Cronus license, sinc eI don’t see any oter way of doing it in a shared environment.

Hi David There have been many new programmes that were going to set the Navision world alight, open it up, over the last 9 years, non of which affected what I have done, but the new one’s seem to be popular and required, so I have to sit up and take notice, or drown. Just which ones to prioritize is a start. NAS?, Commerce Portal?, Employee Portal?, XML?, EDI?, Sharepoint etc: What I was hoping for to start is someone to give me an Idiots guide to get new or edited product Information from my local navision to a Localhost website, in a real time senario. IE: add a product in Navision (V4:01), it appears on the website shortly after. That would be a major thing for me to start to understand. When I downloaded Microsoft Visual Web Developer, I was able to also download, 8 hours of Video tutorials, great way to start! I just loaded NAS, and where to go now, or how to use it, after reading the documentation on the CD, is light to say the least, startup parameter is a string, that function 99 in codeunit 1 needs, ok but what string?

I think one thing is clear in all this. Gone are the days where developers learn new technology when the client needs it. It is very necessary to learn before the sales people manage to sell it.

David, I think Tech Ed would be the place to start.