what is sure step methodology in ax?

Hello every one

what is the flow of sure step methodology in ax.

Please look at Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Documentation.

Note that you don’t have to spend time creating a discussion thread and waiting for an answer; you can easily find such answers by using a search engine.

Martin’s right about the link, but beyond the toolset it’s really an implementation methodology supported by Microsoft. The tools give partners and customers a common language to implement various types of ERP and CRM projects.

Some of the tools are better than others, and I suggest cherry picking a few of the key pieces of SureStep and adapting those to your business or project in a personal way. You might select to fill out the fit-gap worksheet but add columns to it for yourself. Or you may decide a project charter is needed, but not a 6 page one like they have as an example.

Make sense?

My point was that the page have links to more documentation and courses, not just a toolset (unfortunately it seems that many links are broken).

Microsoft claims it’s a methodology, but it feels more like a bunch of documents and definitions, assuming that you use some (undefined) waterfall-based methodology.

Methodology, in my opinion, describes “methods” how to do things, not just document that you should use and you have to figure out by yourself how. For example, Scrum is all about processes (planning project, defining priorities, managing backlog, interacting with stakeholders…), SureStep doesn’t do anything like that. For me, it’s really just a library and not a methodology; we need a real methodology to do things and we can borrow useful definitions and documents from SureStep if suitable.

By toolset what I meant really was the documents as a type of tool. The tool for how to run a meeting with the meeting agenda template and the tool for how to structure your team with the roles/responsibility matrix, as examples.

I agree with you Martin we really need something better here. It’s a bit of a methodology in that you have certain entrance and exit criteria for each phase, and those do help move the project along if you work those deliverable through the end. But it’s very loosely defined and also they (Microsoft) have seemed to just dump a lot of volume at us which makes it hard to know what to use and how much effort to put into each document. That’s where the partner or experienced implementer can fine tune for each project. But still there are huge holes. And you’re right with there being other more defined methodologies out there for sure.

Lastly, something that’s bothered me and I don’t know if it bothers other people, is that it seems like a one size fits all approach to AX and CRM and GP. I think this is wrong and confusing and overly complicated. I hope with D365 and Microsoft’s push to speed up the implementation cycle a bit a better approach is offered.