What is "Stockkeeping Unit" and how does it pertain to BOM itmes

Every now and then, when I am invoicing a job and pulling in labor associated with that job, an error message will come up with the AX item number tied to the labor hours that says: “Maximum number of decimals for the stockkeeping unit is 2, Update cancelled” - I’ve tried the Help feature in AX, looked at every possible field on the item and options to see if something might be set up incorrectly - can’t figure it out.

This does not happen all of the time, so I am just at the end of my rope trying to figure out why this happens some of the time - it doesn’t make sense to me. If ANYONE can help, I’d appreciate it.


“Stock keeping unit” is abbreviated SKU. It should make sense to you as “SKU”. So it sounds like your product SKU has too many decimals?

I will guess you have some modified element to the system as you are “pulling in labour” when you do this your labour code will be item related. It will have a UOM - The UOM has a number of decimal places. The screen you are looking at is masked to 2 decimal places, but held to more in the table, however in standard AX the UOM decimal rounding would be called in the calculation - it is not being called in yours, so at times you will have an entry visible that you can see is 1.92, and hte UOM is 2 decimal places, but the system will be holding this at 1.921 so the error is called.

You need to get the calculation logic reviewed to obey the UOM decimal place rounding, or set your UOM decimals to 6 [:D] but I recommend sorting out the calculation for obvious reasons.