What is requaird for a Microsoft Gold Partner to be a navision implement partner.

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What is requaird for a Microsoft Gold Partner to be a navision implement partner.

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Microsoft Dynamics SPA. Talk to your regional Microsoft Dynamics Partner Account Manager.

Hi, the minimum Exam requirements (for NAV authorization in EMEA) are as follows (Minimum Version for the exams is 4.0):

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV C/SIDE Solution Development
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Financials
  • SQL Server – Microsoft Exam 70-431: TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - Implementation and Maintenance (or Exam 70-432, SQL Server 2008 Version)
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Installation & Configuration

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Haw is the minmum number of persons that are requaird to do this exams to be the Ms Nav implementor.



Hi Soni,

You have been given the technical answer of what is required but this is only a small part of what is required. By “Ticking the Boxes” and getting certified in Nav will not mean that you are ready to implement a Nav system. You will need ERP implementation experience (perferably in Nav) otherwise implementation can go horribly wrong. I suggest that you sit down with Microsoft and discuss this in detail. If this is the path you what to follow then I would also recommend that you invest in experienced Nav resource.

We have experience in ERP systems but not in Nav system, we want to know what is requird by Microsoft te give us the licence to implement Nav System.


You need a business plan that shows how you will generate leads and close them. The plan should show that you can make a solid profit by HONEST selling and providing good quality services by high end people, and that of course means allowing for a solid base of technical expertise including a plan on how you will recruit and train skilled Navision personnel.

You need to have the ability to know when a client is wrong and the guts to say no to them when it is in their best interests.

You need to understand business process re-engineering, to know when you should modify Navision to meet the clients need, when the customer should change their process to work with Navision, and when the process adds no value to the company and should be scrapped all together.

You need to have strong project management skills.

You need consultants with strong training and analysis skills that cna make sure you implement what the client wants.

You need sales people that are know how to sell a project, rather than selling boxes. They need to be people that want to see a successful implementation, not those that want ot hit quarterly sales targets.

You need to be able to set clear expectations so that when your client goes live, they get what they expected, when they expected it for the price they expected to pay.

You need financial backing. You can not expect to start making a profit from day one. Training and recruitment costs alone are going to be a lot, let alone the lead time to close your first 3 - 5 sales that you need to get things moving, and you need to pay salaries until you reach break even.

There is a lot more, but these are the key things I can think of I am sure other will add more to this list.

By the way, forget about programming for now. Programming is a very trivial part of a Navision implementation, concentrate first on the important stuff, and keep development at an absolute minimum. If you do need any development done just out source it until you get the important stuff sorted out.

As to certifications etc. worry about those also after you have all the important stuff sorted out.

It is requird and Custumer Reference Requirment, what about this, after finishing the exams is needed to make some implemnts to the custumer than Microsoft in accordance with Custumer Reference make decisiont to give the aurhorization to implement.