What is Green?

The talks are still rumours, but there are now so many that it’s worth mention here also. According to Paul Baxter’s posting on this website then this what’s it’s about:


It is the replacement from Great Plains, Navision and Axapta and is due to be released as beta in Q4 2004, So that means it will be ready by Q3 2005 and usable in green V3.01 in Q2 2008!!! It will be based on .NET and is also know as the business framework. It will operate on SQL only so no native database or other database engines. The actual Navision replacement will be written in C# on top of the business framework. All this is based on rumour as is wholy intended to pass disinformation, but can any body prove me wrong.

It’s a very interesting topic that most likely will influence all our members and users, because the real question about where are we going will be answered with this project. Supposingly then this project was one of the real reason’s for why Microsoft paid so much for Navision A/S, since this is simply a old Navision project in new colors. If rumours are true then already next year we should be ready to see this product in the first beta. Personally I think we will learn much more about this in the next few months or at least before the end of this year.

It is absolutely for sure that some day Microsoft will definitely get a replacement for Navision,Axapta,Great plains and Soloman and get rid of the concept of native database. Its just a matter of time. Best regards Suresh.

From www.internetweek.com - "Microsoft readies ‘Green,’ unified code base for business apps By Barbara Darrow, CRN Boston – Microsoft Business Solutions hopes to deliver on its promised unified code base for business applications by late next year, sources said. "

Can’t find anything there… do you have a link to the article?


Hi News on Project Green: http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/06/25/HNmsbrakes_1.html Staff reduced on project - first release now planned in 2008 Regards Tommy Larsen

Thats because they ONLY raised our annual maintenance to 16%. What did you expect?? They have to make their wall street numbers you know. [B)][B)][B)][B)] and [B)]

So I can wait with taking my course in . Net [:)][:)]