what is exe upgrade

i come to know we can upgrade NAV5 exe alone to a newer version without much checking/changes to existing customization and data. what exactly we can benefit from this type of upgrade and how different it is from full upgrade.

what are the recommended steps for exe upgrade

Technical upgrade (this is the specific name of the process) means basically opening your current NAV 5 database with a newer client version and perform the conversion when asked; afterwards you’ll need to install the new Navision version on everyone’s pc.

This is true for classic client upgrade (e.g. 5.0 → 2009 R2), if you wanna switch to RTC you’ll need to merge anyway some customization otherwise you’re gonna lose them.

With this kind of upgrade you can take advantage from performance improvements (new SIFT calculation, etc …) but you won’t be able to use new business features like online services integration for credit cards, as example.