What is difference between Purchase order & work order??


help me out to differentiate Work Order & Purchase order! i am developing one project on Ax Using x++ to make this out i have to under stand this concept please help me out.

is there any difference between theme?

Thank you.

In purchase order you will purchasing the Materials from the vendor - you need to pay the vendor the total cost of material (based on the trade agreements)

But in case of work order you will issuing some Inventory or Non inventory items to the vendor - for some modifications or servicing to those items- you need to pay only the service cost to the vendor.

And what are trying to develop in X++ in this case…

A works order is traditionally production with bills of material and routings, where you make something in-house, unless this is a localisation referencing a work order as a form of purchase order/sub-contracting order?

hi, as you know it is generalize solution to all company, i have to modification & make it specific to doors & windows industory!!

thank you Kranthi & can you differentiate production order & work order our team leader is saying both are same! is it true!???

Production and work orders are same - but may not be in all cases.

In case of BO M’s- if you are giving some inputs to the vendor/some party and getting the BOM from that vendor -

then in this case production and work order are one and the same - means the production is carried at vendor place.(May be a part of production or total production)- this is in general termed as Sub-Contract a combination of Production and Purchase Orders.(As said by Adam)

But when you are sending some machine kind of thing for service to the vendors - it is also a work order - which cannot be considered as production order.

ok grate, but, in AX (if you are using) dose this work order or production order are treated differently for scheduling!!? means how we can differentiate this in AX?? which parameters dose it affects in AX??

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Just a follow up here:

In standard AX terminology, “production order” and “works order” refer to the same thing.

In the label files, the en-us language translates to “production order” and the en-gb language refers to “works order.”