What is CONTOSO Company's Password

Hi Guys,

I want to work on CONTOSO Company on my virtual PC. But i cant success to log in.

Can you help me please ?




I tried it but now it gives me username and domain warning ?

Default user name: Administrator

What should i do about it ?

Hi Volkan ,

UserName – administrator

Password – pass@word1

Hi Guys,

My operating system is windows 7 Home Premium. I’ve confronted that this oparating system doesnt fully support virtual machine needs.

Does anyone agree with that ? Or has anybody confronted with similar situations ?



What VM are you trying to run and what issues are you facing?

Hi Volkan,

I work with Win7 Professional & Ultimate edition and Oracle Virtual Box to VM with 8GB RAM

Win7 Home premium is not OS for vM.

Hi Volkan, my lap cong windows 7 home premium with 8gb ram, i created ORACLE VM BOX, Its working fine,

username : administrator

password: pass@word1

If you need more help i will…



I am also facing the same problem

If like me you and are using a non US keyboard:

pass@word1 would type pass"word1

Type pass"word1 to get pass@word1

Not everyone uses a US keyboard…[:)****]

Thank you Raj