What if Navision was an abbreviation?

What would the full name be if Navision was a abbreviation?

N ew A lternative V iews I n S cience, I ntelligence O r N othing Does it make sense? I don’t know![:D] André

Hi Emiel, i can not explain a possible abbreviation, but think about this: if you twist some letters, NAVISION comes to INVASION. br Josef Metz

Not/Nearly/Normally (your choice) [;)] A Very Intelligent System In Organizational Navigation



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What would the full name be if Navision was a abbreviation?

I have a better question [:D]. What would the full name be if MCBSP (former NSC) was a abbreviation? All answers (except the right answer) are allowed [:D]. bye André

My Childish Brother Spells Poorly? and how about Naked Aliens View Idiot Sapiens In Our Neighborhood?

roflol guys! More Computer-nurdes Building Sloppy Programs

N.A.V.I.S.I.O.N.: Networked Artificial Variant Intended for Scientific Infiltration and Online Nullification M.C.B.S.P.: Mechanical Cybernetic Being Skilled in Peacekeeping

New Vision of Microsoft…[;)]

when i write Navision in office, the corrector write Ambición (ambition), its curious Vísperas ========

it’s spain I quess…

of course, spanish :slight_smile: Vísperas =========

This abbreviation was made up by a Dutch end-user: Na Alle Voorgaande Informatiesystemen Is-t Ook Niks! An attempt to translate this: after all previous IT-systems it’s still is crap. Don’t worry: he was very happy with Navision!

Microsoft Business Solution Navision (MSBN = More Bugs in Standard Non-solved [:D] ) Regards

in spanish: NERVISION = NERvous VISION, state of your eyes when you all spend hours and hours codeing C/AL and not drinking beers nor having spare time with your friends [:P]