What features would you like to see?

Dear member,

I’m currently in the process of developing a replacement for the current platform used by dynamicsuser.net.

While the goal is that the new site as a minimum have the same features as today, then I would also like to hear from you, which features you would like here in DUG. And here I both think about new features and existing features. Is there something that we could drop, something that needs to be improved and something that you really misses? What could we do better?

hi erik,

choosing of color themes would be nice

as a suggested before: the like button

the possibility to edit the own posted messages (with some conditions)

displaying the tags under the message

opportunity to display additional infos in the public profile (blog, website, …)

Thank Jonathan,

What do you mean by “displaying the tags under the message”? It already displays the tags this way?

see my answer to thread “tags”.

is it possible to filter search results by dynamics product? when i search, i only want results for dynamics nav and maybe want to add a filter for tags like nav 2009, nav 2013,…

is that possible? if not, please add that functionality to the search form.

ok, filter by tags works with tag textbox in the search form.