What are the certification requirements now?

Hi all,

I was originally certified back in the late 90’s. At that time, I was required to take four weeks of courses in Atlanta to get three certifications (up to Solution Developer). Afterwards, I received other certs for SQL, and others. My Solution Centre closed just before the Microsoft purchase, and just after the version with Dimensions was released, and I left the Navision world at that point. Now I’m back in it, and I need to recertify (part of the conditions of employment). From what I can see from this group and the website, there are 2 tests now: 221 and 222. Do I need to do one before the other? I remember the Solution Developer test as a rigorous all day test, part multiple choice, part practical development, but if you did the weekend assignment (during the 2 week course) you stood a pretty good chance of doing well. From what I can see of the two tests mentioned above, they are not that rigorous or practical. Am I right? Any other advice to be had?



Hi Matt

There are now three different routes, I cannot remember the names but are really installation, development and consultant. Depending upon your specialty will depend upon your route, and the “requirements” alter, including gaining the “Master” status. Your new reseller will have access to partnersource and the requirements are listed in full glory on there.

If I was you I would contact your MBS contact and verify which of your past exams still count. My understanding is if they have you on record your solution developer and programming exams are still valid.

Of course if you feel you need to go back on the courses feel free, but in my opinion the exams are not a mark of knowledge, they just prove you can pass an exam, not install, implement and program!

Thank you Steve.

I would definitely be going for the Development route. I’ll get on the PartnerSource site soon.

I’ll find out if my certifications are still valid, but I’ll still need to pass the course. I agree about the MS exams, especially with so much “help” available now.

“Back in the day” seems like the certification was harder to get and the testing was definitely focused to being able to do a project.

There is too much value put on “paper experts” today. Back when I got my Novell CNE (very valuable today [:)]), you had to provide customer references as part of the certification process.

The customer reference is mandatory if you want to become a solution center.