We're back!

Dear members, What a day! Basically we have not been online the last 20 hours. I’m very sorry about this - I will do whatever I can to prevent this in the future. My webhost - www.web10.dk / www.talkactive.net - has still not explained me what was wrong… It’s my new webhost who I moved to just three weeks ago and that I until now has been very satisfied with. But with an emergency support like this being “non existing” - then I see no other option than start looking for another. Even though I’ve paid for the next year (the new Google ads - makes it possible for me to pay this)! So we might experience a little fall out in one of the comming weekends (I’ll try to do this in a weekend). But I’m going to announce it up front. Thanks to all the members who have emailed me about the fact that the site has been down - I might as well have been on vacation (this week is the Danish schools fall/autumn vacation). Thank you all for your support, Erik P. Ernst webmsaster