Welcome all to the new Indian Forum. Before we really hit of, I would like to see a volunteer (or two) to the job as moderator of the forum.

Thank you Erik for all u have done & have Started this Topic to. Now This will really help us to strength & take Navision to the Top in India too. with regards Vaibhav

I volunteer to be a Moderator.

Hi All, Welcome on board! Erik I am happy to volunteer to be a moderator Thanks

Hi All, I expected to see at least 10-15 replies posted to thank Erik. Any way, I volunteer to keep moderators busy moderating.[:D] Would like to know if we can keep track of implementations done so far in India on both products & their current status. This is important while talking to prospective clients.

yah, when I was in India, I handled the payroll add on module and heard now that one implementation has been done for payroll good news do you know any other

I think two moderators are quite enough. So I would like to welcome: nirupma and mohammad as the new moderators. Appluse!

Good to see a forum on navision – i’m new - India

Thanks Erik for my selection. Hi Nirupama, I welcome your co-operation to make this forum a success. Welcome everyone.[8D]

Hi Dharmendra, Regarding your query on number of Navision sites I can tell you that we have quite a few of them in India! I can mail the list to you if you want. regards

Hullo every body, If the applause has …[:D] we get down to brass tacks! Hope we have a good amount of localisation humour here too [:)]. Thanks and regards


Originally posted by Rahimuddin
Thanks Erik for my selection. Hi Nirupama, I welcome your co-operation to make this forum a success. Welcome everyone.[8D]

Congratulations Niru on becoming the moderator. I promise to keep you busy [8)]. We are really happy that a local body of Navision has come up to solve our localisation issues . All the best Rahimuddin and Niru. Regards, Meenal

Hi everybody, Does a Moderator should be residing in the same country as the forum to which he’s moderating? If you feel yes,I welcome your frank opinion on the above to request Erik to appoint another moderator as my replacement. Like to see more replies here. With Regards

Mohammad i think u r thiking right, cause people from the country will be more into its localization then any one from outside. They will have more knowledge about the localization then others. But looking at ur profile & your experience i dont have any objection on u being the Moderator & currently in India no one is much experienced on the product so they may look at you as your guide which i am already doing. I firmly believe that Moderators should be experienced persons having at leat one implementation experience in their hands or else how could they moderate i hope & wish all users will agree & when we have experienced users with us u can hand over the charge to them at that instance. wish all the very best vaibhav

I think Mohammad should stay. Indian in india at the moment don’t have enough experience to spread the right knowledge on NAvision. As far as localisation issues are concerned we can best enahnce our knowledge by disucssing on the forum irrespective of the moderator issues. The moderator should be concerned in keeping the flow sane.

Dear Mr Mohammad. We need localisation issues sorted out first, we need more ‘productive issues and topics’ discussed. Mohammad should stay even if he hasn’t worked in India. and next time ‘think first before u leap (i.e.,volunteer)’:). sorry about being impatient with my views. regards.[:D]

Dear friends, The question that comes first is what is the job of a moderator on the forum of Navision.net; the answer here I quote from the topic of the ‘moderators’ ‘Dear moderators, The “job” of the moderators has until now primarily been to “moderate” the forums. They have been “responsible” for making the topics flow, for directing wrong topics (wrong fora), for giving the extra hand in THEIR forum!’ So what I feel is that if we we are looking for leadership and guidance etc, we are mistaken about the concept of a moderator. Secondly this is forum for ‘discussion’ where we learn by exchanging information and throwing ‘new light’. Mohammad to my opinion is good enough both as a co and a moderator. :). Regards and best wishes to all.[:D]

Hi Everybody, I sorry guys i was very late to see this forum, I was suprised at first sight to see indian forum, its really fantastic. Mohammed your r a right person to be the moderator well if any better candidate comes out within in india then we can see about it All the Best