Welcome to two new moderators

Dear members,

We have a very active website. A lot of new posts every day. Many new members coming. More than 50,000 new in total over the last year. Over 200,000 visits every month. Most just to read the answers to some of the many questions already asked. Some to post new questions. Often by beginners both into Microsoft Dynamics, but also into using online forums. Sometimes the questions asked simply need a bit more information before they can be answered.

This is where the moderators step in. They are not only there to help keeping a bit of order in the forums, but also to be the ones who guides a new member into learning how to ask questions, so that they quickly can be solved. They love a good challenge, and one of the worst things are really people who just ask a question, get a few answers and then newer check back in to say that he/she has seen the answer and if it helped. Please everyone, you don’t have to write a “thank you post, this suggestion really helped me”-reply every time. You may also just click “Verify Solution” on the answers, which helped you on the way.

So what I basically wanted to say, we now got two new moderators. Both well-known to our members in each area.

Martin Dráb is a Senior Dynamics AX/.NET Developer at m-hance (Manchester, United Kingdom). Martin has been a member since 2009 and will join the Dynamics AX team with focus on the AX Developer Forum.

Brian Brown better known as babrown from Norwell, MA, USA, has been a member since 2005. He’s a Navision developer at Columbus IT. Babrown will join the NAV team with focus on the Dynamics NAV End-user Forum together with Modris.

Welcome on board.

Welcome Martin and Brian, pleasure to have you on board.

Now get cleaning the forums [:D]

Welcome Martin and Brian!!!

Congratulations both of you! :slight_smile:

Welcome Martin and Brian [:)]

Congrats, welcome both of you.[:)]