Welcome to the new members

Since we’ve launched the new forum, we’ve had a lot of people join (or rejoin). Let’s all say hi to @joe_decker , @Muhammad_Haseeb , @Pankaj_Sharma , @Miguel_Costa , @Taylor_McCartney , @Humbert_senf , @Jennifer_Adams , @alex_lopez , @Samantha73 , @juliet_coder , @ping_hoo , and @Fausto_Serrata. Welcome to the group everyone!


Hi to the new users since yesterday - @Anna-Liisa_Matala-ah , @Eric_Stalder , @Mhamed_Mekaoui , and @john_grant! Welcome to the group. Feel free to reply with what you’re looking for from the community.

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the DUG forums.

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Some more people to say hi to: @Faiz_Khan , @BCNAV , @Michael_Rizer , @Sunny140521 , @Kiran_Sai , and @Kritat_Pleobphan. Welcome to the group!

Glad to be here. I do have a quick question. Do I need to adjust my theme or something because when I open a post/question for about a second it’s easily read, then it goes to a white background with light gray font. Is that normal? I’ve been highlighting text to read it. :laughing:

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Hey Robert, glad you’re here and thanks for the feedback!

Yea. We’re working on the general theme, but if you go to preferences, You should be able to switch to dark mode.

Hope that helps!

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I actually changed the theme to “default” and the light mode and that took care of the issue. Good ol’ black text on a white background. Can’t really go wrong with that. I didn’t see the preferences field so thank you for pointing that out to me.
(Before the change it almost felt like we were on a secret code website, but instead of using lemon juice to reveal the text, I had to select it. :smile: Thanks again!

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Welcome to the newest members; @Kaspars_Semjonovs , @Zirkoo , @Dan_Edwards , @marcelomelofreitas , and @Catherine_de_Boer! Let us know if you need anything or have fun on the forums!