Welcome to Microsoft Business Solutions OLUG

It’s now a fact. Navision isn’t anymore! The new name of Navision is Microsoft Business Solutions and when you call them this is now what you hear (at least here in Denmark). For now there will not be any major changes on http://www.navision.net except that you now can access us by using: But later we will also see more changes - eventually we will create forums for Great Plains users as well! Right now I’m planning a competion on how to attract those users/developers. Ideas for this competion are very welcome. I’m also looking for a SPECIAL EVENT SPONSOR for this competion. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster

Best Wishes to all on this occassion as we look forward to the future with optimism. Nice new name(mbsonline) selection Erik. I think you had your plans ready before MS for the future of www.NavisionOnline.net. At this moment, I feel everyone deserves appreciation for their contributions to the Site as well as the Software. Navision was a Software developed by Navision A/s but nurtured by its Partners. Best Regards S.Mohammad Rahimuddin.

I would like to enthusiastically echo Mohammad’s statements! Dave Studebaker

WHile we look forward to the future with hope, I will like to know more about the future of the softwares from Navision. What now happens to “Navision ATTAIN” ? Will there be any more upgrades to it? Best regards, Sunday Godwin.

I’m still thinking that there’s no reason for changing the name of the forum. Specially when www.navision.com is still www.navision.com and navision is still keeping it’s name in the product. It seems logical that if you call Navision’s offices they answer as MS Business Solutions, as they’re part of the ms business solutions, but they’re still using Navision… I think that the names included in the poll are all inapropiate as neither of them includes Navision anywhere… and as i told once, this forum is also including NON MSBusiness solutions products, as Navision 3.5x, that are not supported by Navision anymore and either will be by micro$oft. Regards,

I am agree with Alfonso. I think it is better to Microsoft work hard to improve Navision Financials / Attain and doing less publicity. Navision is a software for profesionals in serious areas, it will be bad if Navision turns in a commercial package as Office. Anyway I suspect about the future of Financials in a few years because of Axapta. I have just entered in this community and I hope to get profit on it, and help too. Regards to all.