Welcome and Glad to be here!

I am so excited about this new platform!! I look forward to helping others along the way on this free platform!

Shawn Dorward


Glad to see you here Mr [mention:0d3dff8c4ff1451eb3d373edc5709041:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]


Thanks for adding this forum for GP.
Many of us have become disillusioned with the other user group. I used to tout that it was all about the Power of Us.
That the user group was, in its truest sense, a community of like-minded users, end-users who were trying to understand, troubleshoot, or improve the way they used their GP systems.

Over the years as the other user group grew in size, we lost the intimacy, the conference sessions evolved from round-tables to interactive discussions and finally settled on lecture format with speakers preaching to their congregations. Many of us miss the days of more back-and-forth exchanges amongst our peers. The other user group seems to be focused on extracting profits, charging users to read, charging partners to post, and adding little to no content of their own.

Thank you for offering this forum free-of-charge to allow us to get back to our roots!

Zubin Gidwani
Dynamic Budgets, Founder