Weird: RTC is ok. But classics cannot connect to MS SQL server with error: the user ID and password are invalid

I am able to login to the MS SQL server with my user acc. and I can login to NAV through RTC. However, I encountered Invalid User ID or Passport error when I login through classics.

this is really weird. I used to encounter problem with RTC. But now after I made some modifications to the MS SQL server login and roles, (the last thing I did was to change the owner of the database to my windows login), now RTC is working fine. But classics cannot connect to the database any more

do anyone know if there are any files for configuration that I can look into for classics?

thanks a lot in advance

May I know how you are connecting to Classic using finsql?

Servername and Net type?

I open classic through program → Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 Classic with Microsoft SQL Server

In the CustomSettings.config file, there is no servername. The others are default setting except “DatabaseServer”, which is my local database server

Not in custom settings file…in classic login window…

the NetType is default

For RTC you may be connecting through the Windows Login, and since the Windows User is properly mapped to the SQL Server, you are able to login. In case of Classic, you are trying to connect with database login, which is no more having access to your database after you changed some setups in SQL server Why don’t you try to connect with Windows Authentication from Classic and then try and synchronize the database logins?

Check if this works… :slight_smile:


Hi, Chn.

I am logging in to Classic with Windows Authentication. But it just cannot work

Do you want login with SQL server login in Classic client?

Now it looks like, due to the change in the database owner, something went wrong within the rights / permissions with which NAV was logging into the database. |s it possible to restore the SQL Server state from which you have changed the owner? You can check the user mappings for your windows user and database users in SQL. The users should be mapped to the NAV database inside SQL server also. However, I have a doubt, that if you are not able to login through classic client how do you synchronize the logins… :frowning:


I have checked the mapping for my windwows user. The Mapping is ok for my windows user acc. I can login with my windows user to MS SQL server through SQL Server management studio, and I can login to Nav RTC which uses the MS SQL database.

However, when I tried to connect to NAV through classic, with the option of windows authentication, I encounter this error. So I suspect somewhere in Navision when the program look for connection information(user ID, password), something goes wrong.

Therefore, I would like to see if anyone know if there is any such configuration file for classic. and if so, where is the file


Did you try with selecting a different NetType, let’s say with Names Pipes?


but still it cannot work…

Try to synchronize the sql logins

How Amol? if you cannot login to the database with Classic Client how to synchronize the logins? Is there any other method to do this?


I have the same issue.

Did you find an answer to your problem ?

Many thanks