Weighted average inventory closing


We are using “Weighted avg. date” as the Inventory model with

Include physical value = YES

Financial negative inventory = YES

We did the Inventory Closing up to 30-Nov-2016. We found a strange value in the Cost amount column on 25-Jan-15 (highlighted in RED).

For the particular line pastedimage1499857665447v1.png with Qty as 10,666.00 the Physical cost is only pastedimage1499857731963v2.png

whereas the Cost amount is too high pastedimage1499857753000v3.png

I would like to know the reason why cost amount is too high. Because of this reason the Item cost price is totally wrong.

Please find attached Excel sheet.



PRD1.xlsx (22.1 KB)

Hi Thomphl,

The best way is to look for the inventory transaction for that time period. Most likely there might be a puchase/inventory adjustment durin that time frame that is swelling up the cost.