Website updates: SSL/HTTPS and TC 9.2

Dear members,

As you have been able to read in this announcement, then last Sunday I updated our website to the latest version of the platform its using Telligent Community. The upgrade as such was completed and the site came back online Sunday. But since then I have been working on additional improvements, taking advantage of the new release.

SSL - HTTPS instead of HTTP

One of the things I have wanted to do for quite some time, was to make the site more secure. By enabling SSL and accessing the site using the HTTPS protocol instead of the normal HTTP, then the communication, including when you enter your password, is encrypted. You will see it being enabled by the little green lock icon left to the url in your browser.

Friendly URL’s in forums

Whereas most other areas of the site already have what’s in website lingo is known as “friendly url’s”, then our forums still had the “unfriendly” URL’s, where it was using forum and post numbers/id’s instead of titles.
The URL for the old Dynamics AX and NAV users forum were:…/119…/105…/users…/users

The threads now also have “friendly url’s” and will include the thread subject in the url, like we know it from blog posts.

You can still use all your old links. The site will redirect you automatically to the new, when you use them.

Other changes

Among the other changes/fixes that have been implemented is:

If you are experiencing any problems, then please let me know.