Website update - limited search functions during reindexing

Just wanted to let you all know that I have done a number of updates this weekend, especially in regards to tagging posts. This will improve the easy access to related data. But first all posts has to be re-indexed.

That means that the search function on the website is giving very limited results until this job is completed. Last time I reindexed the full site was last year, where the job took about 3 days. But there are now over 250,000 post, compared to 200,000 a year ago, so I expect it to take closer to 4 days. I will post an update when completed.

While I’m at it, then I would like to remind everyone to always remember to “tag” your posts, especially the original post. As a minimum always with a tag specifying the product and version your question is about. E.g. use “NAV 2013”, “AX 2012” or “GP 2013”. But also what your question is about e.g. “Bank Reconciliation”, “Fixed Assets”, “Manufacturing”, “Report Designer”, “Web Services”, “Enterprise Portal” etc.

Thank you for your patience.

Just a little update to let you know that the re-indexing process is only about half the way! I think the fact that a lot more “tags” was added is making the reindexing much slower. So I don’t expect the full reindexing will be done until next week.

I’ve also started to modify the scripts I’m using to “re-tag” the posts in the system, so that in the future it will only need to reindex those post which were actually updated.

Just an update. The reindexing finished yesterday. So now are all posts again indexed and search works again.