Webshop (U.S ver)

Hi there I have a Navision Server 2.60c along with a U.S Navision Financial (2.60c). I installed a Web server portion of Webshop ( although it’s a U.S version, You will see W1 on Control panel!) the problem is that as soon as the message dispatcher starts to synchronize the data, Navision Mirror job receiver DLL on webserver will become disabled. Inorder to restart the service I have to purge all the messages in Queue, I should mention that W1 version works fine but my problem is that we need to have webshop in U.S currency format not Pounds. Is there any bug in U.S version of webshop? any comment will be highly appreciated.

Hi, Navision Mirror Job Receiver hangs mostly when you’ve problems with the records insertion in SQL server (for example: when trying to insert a blank value in a “blank not valid” SQL field). You’ll find where the problem is (more or less) in the logmq queue from Message Queue (you’ll find a “message queue error” message just before the service stopped one). Have u used the sinchronization codeunit for creating all tables before starting sinchronization with the dispatcher session?? (e-mail me if you continue having problems and need some help :wink: ) Regards from Spain, – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain

Hi there The weird thing is that the Synchronized table object is empty, so at the very first time that you wanna run Message dispatcher it wont create the tables.

First time you run the dispatcher you should need running also codeunit 99003505 and choose Data & Table definitions so the structure in SQL is made and the data synchronized. If you’re having still problems with mirror job receiver, look at the message shown in logmq webshop’s Message queue’s server and it will show you why the service stopped. When solving the problem that stops the service, you will be able of continuing synchronization. – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain