WebClient Limitaion in NAV 2013 R2

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I am working on 2013 R2 Webclient, i know there are some limitations are there in the Webclient for example cant use Automation and Department will not be visible, so do u have some idea how to we handle those limitaions or workaround solutions for those.

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  1. Find a way to accomplish your task using features supported by the Web Client.

  2. Don’t use the Web Client.


addins for usage with the webclient, follow:

to view any page in the webclient you only need the number of the page, e.g.

develope your own client app using nav webservices.


to get the search window in the webclient (so can search for and open any page):
goto folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\70\Web Client
there open the file web.config in admin mode.
search for “”. change the value to true.
restart the nav webclient in the iis admin.

for special customization (only for web developer pros):
add/change the settings in section in the web.config

Thank you so much for your input Jonathan…

please verify my answers, if they satisfied your question. thx.