Web services Of NAVISION

Hello Every One.

I Have Created a Page Contact Card in ASP.NET Using Webservice… almost all the programming has been done one thing i need is that is i select contact type as PERSON and after selecting company No all the detail sholuld be filled automatically like we have in built fuctionality in navision that “company No.”.validate()

how to get this functionality in .net ???

Need a help…


to achieve This functionality you have to validate the Type field in the Contact table, but its not possible to validate any field from web service so alternate way is

instead of validate you can update the entire contact card again this will return you the updated object of contact card you can simply show it in the form which you created in ASP.net.

Use Update method in the webservice


Jerome Marshal. J

Thanks for ur suggestion. I have soled dis Prob by making a function in published code unit. and pass parameter no and in fuction i have called dis validate function. And it works…