WEB service in Nav

I have created a application in C# to use NAV web servises. It creates sales orders. I did it in my Official laptop.

My problem is I can access the beb service through my Laptop only. But I have to make it online (Time schedule) the system. Can any one help me?

You have to publish the Web service.

You have to add your Service in Web Service Table and publish.

I have did that but my problem is I can access the web service using my machine only. Can u help me?

this is the url I’ve used - http://machinename:7047/DynamicsNav/WS/CRONUS%20International%20Ltd/Services

Hi Amol

hope you are doing great

have a an issue with starting the newly created web service instance

here is the script for the creating the service

SC CREATE “MicrosoftDynamicsNAV$Svr2” binpath= “C:\ Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service2\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server.exe” DisplayName= “MSSvr2”

SC CREATE “MicrosoftDynamicsNAVWS$Svr2” binpath= “C:\ Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service2\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Server.exe $Svr2” DisplayName= “MSWSSvr2” type= share

have created successfully two new web services but the thing is movement I start I am getting below erro

"Windows could not start the MSWSSvr2 service on Local Computer.

Error 5: Access is denied."

Config ur C# application on iis make sure that that iis has live ip. like website has. and on more thing whil configaration disable all the authentication… ssl certificate required…

after this just type in browser :http://UR_IP:Port


Palak Thakrar


I assume your are running two services on same machine and same time.can you try this way?

  1. Stop all of your nav service.

2.Start your new nav service.

3.Start your previous nav service.

You need to check how many nav sever folder in .\60\server. You need to recreate service again if you see only one folder when you running two service. Above solution is not work pas your event log in here.




thanks a bunch for reply have get done with some R&D now both services are working fine.

have few more things to do

  1. through this web service I am not able to move the transaction details via transaction serve though have done the complete set. interesting part when I do one transaction in HO POS level Ii am getting a small kind of pop up saying that “Transaction header is sending” same if cross checked in store I am not able it visible in the sense its not moving

2)have done RTC POS Configuration if yes could you help me out by send the source document for the RTC Configuration it will be a great helpful to me if have replied