Web Service for Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5.0

Hi All,

Is there any web service available to pull data from Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5.0?

or how can we integrate with Microsoft Dynamics Navision 5.0, MSMQ, COM, Web Service or SharePoint…

which is the best…




The only way in NAV 5.0 http://dynamicsuser.net/blogs/nunomaia/archive/2007/08/14/web-services-with-nav-4-0.aspx

Hi Nuno,

So there is no web service available to pull data from navision 5.0?

the only way is we have to create our own web services with navision side?

is it possible to pull all the data using web service… is it possible to build the web service with navision 5.0?




Navision don’t have native support for Web service. That feature will only be support in dynamics NAV 6.0

If want implement webservice for reading only you could try to use SQL directly.