Web Application Server for Navision

Hi! We are now testing some web application servers for Navision like Coldfusion , PHP etc… Has anyone have some inputs about Pros and Cons of WAS on Apache Server. I have seen some ColdFusion and PHP related works in group, also I would like know if there are other possible choices except Navision Web Shop …Thx Edited by - barcom on 2001 May 01 16:50:03

A few resources that might be of interest would be: www.webcom.cz www.expandit.com www.kloster-import.dk Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

As a general statement, it could be said that all major webplatforms are capable of connecting to a database using ODBC, and Navision is no exception to this. What matters more is what you are intending to establish. Do you want a ready-to-run websolution or are you looking at building something from scratch? There are several alternatives for the Navision WebShop (see Erik’s post), which might fit for you. On the other hand, we have build several tailored websolutions, based on Apache server and Java based interfacing. Works very well also. So think first about “what”, as “how” is probably the least restricting here. John