We have just moved to a new server!

The new server host have 24-7-365 service and we have a much better equiped server, which should mean a much better performance and much less downtime.

But it also means that all posts (incl. new member registrations) from July 16th 2007 are lost. It was my plan to wait and get the latest backup file, but since I since last night have not been able to get into our old server, then I’ve done the move now.

On top of the move, then I’ve also updated the website to use Community Server version 2007 instead of version 2.1

This is fabulous news, it seems that the old ISP is about to completely die, and I can see some serious law cases coming up for them.

So now that DynamicsUsers is on a solid server, AND it is now on 2007, we are ready to take off. (this time for real).

Anyway, I will post more later, but please if anyone has any problems, send an email to coadmin@dynamicsuser.net.

Erik will be away for the rest of the week, but if there are any issues right now (and we need to assume there will be) I will work to get things working.

Great work Erik on getting both the new server and the upgrade done.

It seems that e-mail notifications aren’t enabled.

Really great news - now forum is up & running normally, but previous several weeks were terrible, with serious lags and even showing the same page after trying to navigate elsewhere (same page + Done, but with errors in status bar, I’m using IE6 SP2).

One issue still found - the behaviour of Active Posts has changed in new version. It’s nice, that we can set filter to whole section now (say, MS Dynamics NAV), but the settings are forgot immediately and reverse back to All/All upon next view of this page… Previous ver remebered (or maybe defaulted?) to New since last visit…

Nevertheless thanks Erik (& coadmins) for their job - a [D] from me in Copenhagen later in October [:D]…

It seems that the new SMTP server is not connected correctly. So it is not going to be possible to regenerate new passwords right now. [:(]

If you can not remember your log in password, send an email to dug@go-live.us and I will try to get you sorted out. (note that email to coadmin@dynamicsuser.net also does not work for the same reason).

David, Erik,

could somebody correct the servertime as well, please. It is totally confusing me (your post, David, was 20-07-2007 3:58. So one day ahead at least).

Hi Walter,

Are you still having this issue?

One small problem. When I click active posts, it gives me back 930 pages (~18.000 items)… I suppose that it gives me back ALL threads.

Do I have a setup or something for this or what?

It’s not you. But it’s because the selection that worked fine on the old site (df=0) does not work in this version! But I’m working on a solution… Now you can manually select “Post Since My Last Visit”

ok thnx. It really buggs me… I’m confused in number of posts…

How is it now? I did some changes last week.

How is it now? I did some changes last week.