We are not there yet - but we are working on it!

This is the first post made on DUG after the website upgrade. The site is available but under different subdomain. Email is offline, so nobody gets notifications yet.

I had expected to be much further by now. Despite I had tested a full run of the upgrade scripts 2 times before then it didn’t quite go as expected. The upgrade scriptfirst time ran in 8 hours (on a very slow server), second time in 3 hours (on a new server). Yesterday after 8 hours - where I after 4 hours could see little or no SQL activity and no updates to the screen, I had to abort the job. Delete everything and start from a fresh restore. This morning at 7 it was still running. But after stopping and starting it again (after no restore), it completed 10 am.

There is still a lot of moving around information, applying the correct page themes and so.

But I expect to open up DUG again to the “public” later today. Not officially announcing it until tomorrow.

If you’re having problems “error message: contact admin” after you log in, then please try to remove the cookies for this website.

At least it wasn’t boring. :wink:

Still a lot to do yes. Not started applying the themes to AX yet, sorry! Suddenly I ran out of disk space also. Got another disk mounted, but then it took forever to move the 80 gb of files!
But now it’s running.

Just expect the next few days to be a bit bumpy!