Ways to load the data in dynamics AX 2012

Hi All,

I am using dynamics AX 2012. I would like to know how many ways are there to load the data into AX 2012?

I am aware with one of the way to load the data and i.e. through Excel. I would like to know other ways to load the data.


Yash Thakkar

Hi Yash,

Are you talking about data migration?

Excel add-in ha very limited capability. Therefore this option should be ruled out.

For full blown data migration - I would suggest using AIF. I have used AIF for 2 AX 2012 data migration projects so far. So I can guarantee it works very well. Recently MS released beta version of data migration tool kit which can be found online.

And of course there are some 3rd party tools available in the market. But I haven’t tried this yet.

Data Migration tool kit for AX 2012 is launched check that it will help…

Thanks Harish,

Actually i am not talking about data migration. I have created one blank company AX 2012 and would like to load the data from table. Till now i am using Excel with its “Dynamics AX” add in but i would like to use other way if there is any way.


Yash Thakkar

If you mean loading data from an old company to a new company carry out this process;

Create and Export Definition Group, Select the Tables you desire to rip data from for that export group, then launch the export. This way you can export data from the selected tables through your export definition group.

Create / access your new company, carry out the same process only do it for Imports and import the Exported file.

How to migrate the data through AIF?

Hi Yash,

As I mentioned in my previous reply, search for the beta version of Data migration tool released by MS. This tool uses AIF framework.

Hello Yash,

I think the following link can help:


It addresses “Tools and techniques” available.

Hope this helps

Knd Rgds