Wave 2 2022 - can I display the Reply All and Forward icons without clicking the down arrow?

We have a process where our users need to always click Reply All to an email in the Timeline because they can’t see all of the recipients. However, in Wave 2 2022, Microsoft is only displaying the Reply icon now, and we have to click a down arrow to get to Reply All and Forward. Yes, it’s only 1 click, but it adds up when all you do all day is Reply All to emails. Is there a way to expose Reply All and Forward like before, or switch the Reply icon with the Reply All icon?

Hmmm I don’t personally use Reply All functionality within the timeline so I didn’t notice this. I’ll poke around next time I’m in my demo environment to see if I can find it. Hopefully someone else can help you out with this!

@KylieKiser do you happen to know this?

I haven’t played with this but I have a few ideas
1- You can set Activities to automatically expand which may display all the buttons: Add and configure the timeline control in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

2- It looks like there is an early access feature you can Opt-in to be able to customize those buttons. Add and configure the timeline control in Power Apps - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

@tsilver - I hope this helps! Let us know if it solves your issue :slight_smile:

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I can see in PowerApps | Form under the Timeline Component of a Case where I can change the order. I moved the Reply All to be before the Reply, Saved, and Published. I did a Ctrl F5 to refresh and I don’t see the change.

This order change only affects the drop-down order, not the icon to the left of the drop-down. So it still shows Reply.

Hmm that’s annoying. Thanks for the update!
I recommend you reach out to Microsoft support on this one to see if that is the expected behavior or if it is a bug. Perhaps this can be added as an additional enhancement in the future.