Watermark in AX 2012 using SSRS report

Hi Experts!

it is possible to configure a watermark to one per company in AX 2012?

I want to show a watermark in report, that watermark should be display for one particular company.

Please help me and do the needful.

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Create multiple report design and in Report Controller class write your logic that specific company should run the watermark design.

Hi Saadullah!

Thanks for your reply. Could you please tell me how to do? Why because i am adding watermark image in visual studio.

is it possible to control it through controller class?

Refer the below link and make sure to define your new report design to run based your required company Id



if (curExt() == ‘DAT’)









Thanks saadullah.

 ssrsDemoController.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(SSRSSessionQuery,**WatermarkDesign**)); watermarkDesign is image name or what?

Report Design Name.

In your SSRS report, you should keep 2 designs. One is for standard and another one is for Watermark

Okay. Thank you very much saadullah.

I will do the same.