Watches FactBox on Debugger Page expansion

Dear All,
I am using debugger regularly, and I really don’t like the Watches FactBox, since the window is not re-sizable, thus I have to click on the slider to display last value I am debugging for…
It’s NAV2013 R2

Indeed, so, what’s your question?

It not that we disagree, but what is your Question?

Also be aware of that NAV 2013 has reached its “End-Of-Life” from Microsoft and therefore you cannot expect any changes/fixes of any kind.

Hi both,
I would like to expand that Watches FactBox, but I can’t, it’s system subpage.

NAV2013R2 - Client is still on NAV2013R2 :slight_smile:
Thanks Damjan

There is no fix for that sorry.


I thought so.
Thanks for the confirmation…

The only thing you can do is you can remove those variables over watch which are not in use [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]