Warning: Your licience will expire in 15 days

I have the above warning when i tried opening Nav with the liciense below:

We thought once you buy a licience, it is one off and does not have any expiration date. Now we are getting the above warning.

Can any one explain to me why this is happening?


Partner licenses do expire and have to be renewed .Contact your rep at MBS for more info.

You’re using a partner license, not an end user license. To stay as a partner, you have to be current on your certifications as well as pay a fee to be a partner.

You just posted your partner license number, if I were you I’d edit that post and remove the entire license portion right away.

I have edited your post to remove the details of the license [:D]

If you are an end user you are not running a license you have “purchased” this is your partners license, you need to get in contact with them and ask for the license you paid for. Of course if they never purchased it you may need to go through Microsoft to resolve this.

If you are a partner, as the guys state, you need to be renewed annually to keep your partner status and the right to sell and support Dynamics, and going through partnersource you can renew your license if your credentials are valid.

Thanks AdamRoue for editing the licience information. We are actually using a partner’s licience. We have not seen any expiration date on it and we use it to do our developments. To us it a developers license, am i right or wrong.

How can we solve this issue as we have only 14 days to solve this. Our clients are also having the same issue.


Partner licenses expire on an annual basis. If you are a partner then you need to contact Microsoft and find out why you have not recieved an updated license.

If you are NOT a partner, then you need to REMOVE THAT LICENSE. The acquire a valid license.

Thanks you all for your informations and advices.

Using a partner license for internal development is illegal. It is stealing and there is really no good reason to do it. You wouldn’t go into a car rental place and just drive off with a car would you? Or leave the restaurant without paying the bill?

There are granules that you can purchase that will give you the ability to develop. If the partner is allowing you to use the llicense, they could get their partner status revoked, so it’s even good for them that the license number and name was removed from this post.

You are saying you are using YOUR partners’ license, and you also say that “your clients” are having the same issue. Are you also using that license to do development for other companies? That would make this even more serious.

No, we are not using the partner liciense to develop. We purcahsed granule that is allowing us to develop.

our client don’t have the partner liciense. That was a slip of the hand.


But the license you list in your original post is a Partner license. Where did you get this?

The license number you posted had ‘004’ in it, which means that it is a partner development license. As an end user you cannot purchase this type of license.

Hi All,

I had a PM to ask me to delete this whole post. As a matter of integrity, and the fact that there are legitimate replies to this post, I declined to take that action.

I have however completely removed the the license text, not that it was useful as Adam had already removed the “juicy” parts.

I am in complete agreement with Denster here, and its a personal annoyance of mine when I as asked to look at something a customer has done that has caused issues in their system, only to find they have done something that is not possible without a VAR’s license (or buying the full granule)

Not only, as Denster explained is it illegal and stealing, its also a safety net to try to keep customers systems consistent. There needs to be a certain degree of depth of knowledge about the Nav system before you should be doing deep development.

Without this safety net, or depth of knowledge people are really putting their businesses at risk by making changes to the system willy nilly.