Warning! Shipping No. Series must be specified.

I’m trying to import sales invoices from another system trough a dataport.
The fields I’m filling by hand are the same for the dataport.

By hand posting the invoice is no problem but the dataport gives me a error:
“You must specify Shipping No. Series in Sales Header Document Type=‘Invoice’,No.=‘VFP1100023’.”

I don’t know what’s causing this error.
My test report shows all the fields correctly, except for a warning line in the report:
“Warning! Shipping No. Series must be specified.”

Again, by hand there’s no problem posting the invoice.


Have u defined Sales Shipment nos on Location Card Numering Tav??

I do have specified in “Sales & Receivables Setup” the “Posted Shipment Nos”.
Again by hand filling the form and posting the invoice gives me no problem.

I think a certain validation is not done when I do the import, but I don’t no which one.

When you are importing data then that time Shipping No. Series is filled or not ???

As shipping no series comes from location code field.

No, I do not have a Shipping No. for import.

I even do not know where the number must be filled.

Is that in the Shipping-tab the field Package Tracking No. above the Shipment Date?

But why isn’t that necessary when I fill a form by hand and then post it?

No There is field in Sales Header Table.

You mean “Shipping No. Series” in the dataport fields for Seales Header?


Ok, tnx done and getting another error:

“You must specify Description in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template name=’’,Journal Batch Name=’’,Line No.=‘0’”

Check Posting Description Field on Sales Header Table.

Checked and added it. Now I can post it.

Looks like it’s working for now, thanks for your help.

I’m gonna do some more tests now.

Kindly verify the solutions if it resolved your problem.