Warning! General posting setup does not exist.

Hi, I am learning NAV on Demo version. when i tried to release or post an invoice, i am getting this error message:

Warning! General posting setup EXPORT does not exist.
When i checked on the General posting setup and General Business setup, EXPORT is there. Am I missing anything or is it because of the Demo Version? Please help how to post/release the invoice successfully.

A General Posting Setup is made up of a combination of two fields, General Business Posting Group and General Product Posting Group. The error should tell you the value of the two fields that it is expecting to find. I don’t believe that what you have written is the exact error message (although I could be wrong, I have been in the past).

That is the exact error message believe me. I wish i can attach the screen shot here.

I tried to find the answer in this forum before posting my questions. most of the post talked about the combination but in my case there is no combination. Not sure if it is because of the demo version. :frowning:

There always is. PG/General/Business and PG/General/Product is where you set up corresponding groups, check PG/General/Posting setup, that’s where you set up the combinations, an make sure that required GL Account Nos are filled in for the combination in question.

In DEMO base those are set up, I just checked - seemingly they are accidentally deleted/modified.

It seems like i am missing something here… all i did is Payables/Invoices and create a new invoice. Entered the header and line data and when i tried to print test report. i got that warning. Do i need to specify the posting group during the invoice creation? I didn’t see anything like that.

I have the combination exists on the general/posting setup but how should i validate if the invoice is using the right posting group?

  1. Gen.Business PG comes from Vendor (Card) when you enter Vendor in Invoice
  2. Gen.Prod PG comes from Item or GL Acc when you fill in the lines

These fields by default are not visible (or even included) in Invoice Lines, but you can hit Ctrl-F8 (Zoom) while on some Invoice line, a form with all fields will pop up, scroll through it and check what values Gen.Bus. & Gen.Prod. PGs have there. Then, as said earlier, check if you have setup for that combination.

So you’re printing a test report, not releasing or posting an invoice. These are two (three really) very different things.


Can You attache the screen shot of the page with error?