Warehouse Transfer Order!

Dear All, Have any one come across this scenario in warehouse 4.0 Transfering Items using a Transfer Orders among physical warehouses, system allows to ship but then when it is required to receive (creating a warehouse receipt from Transfer Order window) system doesen’t generate any warehouse receipt document. My warehouse set up is directed put away and pick. I guess this is a Navision bug…Appreciate suggestion in this regard! Thanking You, Panjam.

The “warehouse request” for the receipt is created whe the transfer order is shipped. If the transfer order is reopened and re-released after being shipped, the the “warehouse request” is deleted. BUG!! Don’t reopen transfer orders after shipping.

Hi Brian, Thanks for ur reply, appreciate!!! I am refering to a scenario where a Warehouse receipt cannot be generated from warehouse Transfer order window. A warehouse shipment is created when goods are shipped during transfer order and a “warehouse receipt” can only be generated after goods are shipped. My client volume is enormous…and this is happening quite often!! I guess this is a BUG!! co’z have seen this scenario in few of my clients place. However, I have not encountered your scenario so far… Any further suggestions or bug fixings are highly appreciated!! Thanking You, Kind regards, Panjam.


My client volume is enormous…and this is happening quite often!!

This means it is not consistent. Under what circumstances does the receipt not generate? Have you managed to narrow this down? Of course have you modified this area [:D]

Is the warehouse request record (for receipt) being created when the transfer order is shipped?

Dear All, Yes the scenario is not consistent!! the warehouse receipt is not created some times…but it’s quite hard to figure out at which scenario this is happening… co’z users are following my flow… and all of a sudden " system doesen’t generate a “warehouse receipt” from transfer Order window. The transfer order screen is a Standard Navision, there has been no changes made to Transfer order other than to capture the “Order Qty” to warehouse shipment window. Thank you all for your contribution! please let me know if you are facing the similar problem. Kind regards, Panjam Application Consultant.

Are you able to replicate this in a Standard Cronus Database?

When you have a Transfer Order form which you cannot create a warehouse receipt, check to see if there is a record (Type=Inbound) in the Warehouse Request table (table 5765). A record is required in this table in order to create the warehouse document. I had an incident (3.70) earlier thisyear (see my first post) that I reported to Navision. They were able to duplicate the problem in both 4.0 an 4.0 SP1. The last response I had was it would be addressed in SP2.

Hi David, I never encountered this problem in Cronus Demo database in 3.6, 3.7 & 4.0. Hi Brian, Thanks a lot for the info!! I will look into it… my client is using Navision 4.0 SP1 I had this incident in both 4.0 and SP1. So, how did you receive the goods into warehouse when you realized there is no record (Type=Inbound) in the Warehouse Request table? (table 5765) If my clients set up was not Directed put and pick for the warehouse, I could have still unticked the warehouse receipt field in the location card and can receive the goods directly from Transfer Order without creating a Transfer Order receipt, but now I dont have that option too!! Kind regards, Panjam. Application Consultant

Hi People, I have a customer that has just purchased Navision Inventory Management. They are now looking for Navision module or add-on that can be used with a Bar code reader package as Warehouse inventory management. They require for multiple Warehouse locations. Can some one supply or point me in the right direction for a supplier in Indonesia thanks.

Hi Dean I suggest you strart this as a new thread as users are unlikely to read this. Also you may want to try a more appropriate forum like the add on or integration forum. If it is simply barcode integration then you could just develop it to interface with any appropriate reader etc, which would make your developer forum teh more appropriate place!