Warehouse Shipment posting is slow!!


We have been using NAV 2009 Classic Client with SQL server for about 6 months now.

We are increasingly finding that posting a warehouse shipment is now taking over 1 minute or so to post on avarage 3-4 lines.

I appreciate alot is involved with this inc PC spec and network but occasionally it will post a shipment within a few seconds.

Has anyone experienced slow warehouse shipment posting or have any suggestions on what to start looking at?

Thanks All.


Do you have any maintenance on your SQL Server for rebuilding index, updating statistics, and such?


No i dont believe we are running any maintenance on the database.

May explain why its getting slower. Are there any reccomended maintenance procedures?



There are many posts about recommended maintenance on SQL Server. There is even a SQL Server subforum that has a LOT of good information. www.mibuso.com also has a lot of good stuff about this topic.

Most importantly, you need to get your partner involved and have them advise you on this. If they don’t know (if they say it is not necessary then that means that they don’t know), you need to get another partner. There is no excuse for partners not to know about SQL Server anymore.


I do not think that this kind of problem can be caused by SQL… Most likely you have some kind of problem with the code.

You can run code coverage and then filter code with over 1000 hits – this will show your problem code.