Warehouse Pick - How Can I change the UOM on the Pick document???


Please if someone can explain me how to manage this scenario: I have items on hand with different units of measure ( Each and Pallets). So I have 100 Each and I also have 10 Pallets ( where 1 Pallets equal 100 Each).

My base unit of measure is Each and my sales UOM is Each.

I have a sales order with 100 Each. When I generate a pick , the system gives me on the “take” line, 100 Each BUT i want to use instead 1 pallet.

How can I setup the system to make that work???



In order to pick the Items in Pallets, you have to first of all setup "Item units of Measure"

Item Card-create a new UOM as “Pallets”

Then, go to Items Unit of Measure Table and select Base UOM Each and set the Qty Per UOM as “1”

In second line, select the UOM Code as “Pallet” and set the Qty Per UOM as “100”. Navision reads as I Pallet = 100 each.

Now, with this setup you should be able to "pick Items" in Pallet "instead" of Each.

On warehouse pick lines, place cursor on the line with “Action Type” “Take” and click on the Button “Functions” (on the right hand bottom of the screen) now, you should see a screen which shows “Whse. Change Unit of Measure

Change the UOM in the field " To Unit of Measure Code" and click OK. System will convert the Each into Pallets and and show you the no of pallets picked.

But, this is just on the lines and doesn’t reflect anything on the report Posted Invoices or Shipments and Qty on hand is always on Base UOM and doesn’t show in 2 different UOM’s, Unless, customized. so not sure, how this will be of a help.

Thanks for your answer , i will check that.

Hi, I have tested the scenario like this: I have on hand in the same bin : 24 Pck and 1900 BOX where 1 Box = 30 Pck.

I have a sales order with 24 Pck . Whe I create the pick the system gives me this screen on the warehouse pick document :

Action type Item Bin Qty Qty to handle UOM code Qty Per UOM
Take ABC Bin 1 1 1 BOX 30

Place ABC Bin 1 30 30 PCK 1

Take ABC Bin 1 24 24 PCK 1

Place ABC Bin 2 24 24 PCK 1

However How can I take directly 24 Pck instead of breacking bulk of BOX ??? I want to be able to choose my Own unit of measure .


From what I understand, you want to directly select the UOM you need instead of using the functionality in warehouse pick.

You can do this directly on Sales Order lines, while creating a sales line, select the Item and then in the field "UOM" select the UOM you want, but the only disadvantage is that “Item Availability” can be misinterpreted.

For instance: 1 Box = 30 PCk and Qty on hand is “150 PCK” (Always Qty on hand reflected is as per the Base UOM)

When you select the UOM as BOX on the sales lines, the “Availability” shown will be 150 but in reality you only have 5 boxes containing of 150 PCK.

That’s the reason when you use the function “Change Unit of Measure” in Warehouse Pick, it will convert the Number of Base UOM into Alternate UOM’s and can reflect the Correct Qty to be Picked in the screen "Whse. Change Unit of Measure