Warehouse Entry table error when posting Warehouse Put-Away document


I am currently in the process of setting up a portion of Warehousing (zones and bins). I am currently doing some testing. I have created a Purchase Order and from there created my Warehouse Receipt document. Once the Warehouse Receipt was posted, it automatically created the Warehouse Put-Away document. When I try to “post” this document by selecting “Register Put-Away” on the Register button I receive the following error:

The Warehouse Entry already exists.

Identification fields and values:

Serial No.=’’,Item No.=‘10000002’,Variant Code=’’,Location Code=‘BRADY’,Bin Code=‘W-19-0010’

It seems like this error is caused by the Serial No. field not being populated, since the primary key for this table is “Serial No.,Item No.,Variant Code,Location Code,Bin Code”. So my questions are:

Is it a requirement that the Serial No.'s be used when using Bins? If not, does anyone see an issue with adding the “Entry No.” field to the primary key of the Warehouse Entry table in order to insert more than one record in the table with the above combination? And If it is a requirement, at what point and where would the user setup/assign the Serial No.?

Thank you in advance.

“Entry No.” is the primary key of the Warehouse Entry table, unless someone changed it.

Thank you Matt. We have never used Warehouse Mgmt. but for some reason the key does not exist in the table. I will go add it.

While I can’t imaging why it would not exist, there might be some bizarre customization that was done and the primary key intentionally changed. However if you’ve never used Warehousing, again, I have no idea why it would have been done. If you’re not already, make a backup of your production database and restore it as a test database. Make this change there and play with warehousing there. That you don’t unintentionally bring NAV to a screeching halt.

Yeah, I thought it strange the key was missing. I have added it in my test database and all seems fine… Thanks again!

There is a bug in the C/SIDE developer, where if you have two tables open at once and click on the keys in one table, then in the other, then go back again, the primary key of the first table will change to some key it copies from somewhere.

if you are lucky it will give an error message when you try to save, but often it will allow you to save. The bug has been around since I think 3.xx I don’t remember the bug before that.