Warehouse Class Code

Can anyone help answer this question.

We have a warehouse that is broken down into several zones and each of these zones (temperature and product driven e.g. chemicals) has a warehouse class assigned to them. All items have also been classified with a warehouse class code so that the correct items end up in the correct zones. We use full WMS functionality.

The problem we have is that when you create a warehouse receipt from either a purchase order or through the receipt function within the warehouse module, you get an error that the warehouse class code is not valid. This is due to the fact that we have nominated a default receiving bin (this cannot be blank).
All of our Purchase orders and sales orders use a mixture of products that have various warehouse class codes (we work in the food service industry distributing various products from frozen to dry goods).

This means that we have to nominate the receiving bin for each item manually on the receipt lines based on the warehouse class code. This problem is also the same when doing shipments.

My question is do I have to customise Nav to auto-allocate the correct bins for both receiving and shipping or am I missing something in the setup?

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Did you try to leave the warehouse class code empty for the receiving and shipping bin?