want to start on Freelance


i am new in Freelance, need some information on Freelance,from where and how i can get intial work on Freelance.

Please help me.



If you’ve chosen to work independently of a NAV partner and you don’t already have clients lined up, you’re in trouble. Start by contacting the NAV Partners in your area and see if they need help on a contract basis.

Hi Ashok,

First welcome to the user group. As a new member it might be difficult to find your way around here, but before asking something then you should try to start by using the search function. There are tons of similar questions.

But to answer your question very shortly, then the first thing you need is experience and then you need even more experience. And I don’t mean that you should have been working with Navision 3-4 months. I mean real experience like a minimum of 3-4 years where you have only been working full time with Navision. You have to remember that when you work with Navision whilst being employed by a partner, then you have a team of co-workers backup you up professionally. When you are alone, then you only have your self.

You might have the experience (difficult to say, when you have never posted here before and you haven’t given any introduction). But that’s not all you need. You should also have a very good network to get your initial work from. Expect that as a new freelancer, unless you have a very good network, that you will have periods between jobs of sometimes 2-3 months. Make sure that you have saved enough money from your last job to survive. It can be very hard the first months/years.

Maybe you can also find a company similar to my own company Dynamics Experts, who works with Dynamics freelancers and helps them to find projects (by taking a part of the pay). At the Dynamics Experts we will NOT be able to help you, as we do neither operate in India, nor use offshore resources from India. And I’m afraid to say that most European Dynamics resourcing companies say the same, unless you have a work permit in a country, then it’s not worth the extra work for them.

Hi Erik,

I am also interested in getting good projects as a freelancer as my signature shows ;). I have 4 years experience with a Nav reseller and currently i am in UK. I can travel around in UK. What suggestions do you have for me in order to get projects?


Thanks Erik and Matt ,

for your valuable suggestion.



Hi Imran,

I really can only suggest that you use your network, but never spam them. Keep your profile on LinkedIn updated (make sure that your past projects are described and get a recommendation from the people you have been working with - both co-workers and customers - very important!) and connect to some of the many recruiters who works with Dynamics. But finding the few ones in the UK who are seriously working with Dynamics freelancers is difficult. And traditionally then the recruiting market in the UK is different than the rest of Europe, so maybe someone from the UK can comment on that.

But as I said, use your network. If I didn’t have a network, then I would never have started working as a freelancer. Being connected to many people on LinkedIn or other sites is not the same as having a network. To build up a network you should participate in all the meetings/conferences you can, both specific to Microsoft, but also local conferences and trade shows. It’s important that you get a personal relationship with the people, if it should have any real value. Whenever I go to a conference like Directions or Convergence, then it’s 95% for the networking opportunity and 5% to learn about new products etc. Because if you do not maintain your network, then it will slowly die again.

In regards to the Dynamics Experts, then we currently do not have any office in the UK. We are waiting until we find the best possible recruiter to work with us, before this will happen. And the same goes, if you do not have a permanent work permit, then it is going to be difficult to place you in other countries.

Thanks alot Erik.