want to display the formula in a text box


I have three textboxes … one text box is of type code ,second one is of optiontype i.e(*,/,+,-), third one is decimal type.

now when i click a button i have to display the formula that can be in a textbox or label…

ex ::in first textbox if i enter as:::::::: basic… in Second textbox i enter as * and in third text box i enter as 10

so now i want to display as

basic * 10

Please guide me …

Hi Bavani,

Try …

String1 + ’ ’ + format( Option2 ) + ’ ’ + format( Decimal3 )

Assuing textbox 1 is a text string, 2 is an option and 3 is a decimal.

Thank you Dave

It is working properly…thank you very much

Glad to Help [:D]