Want to block user from publishing extensions

Hello All,

How can I block a user from publishing Extensions in cloud BC? As I found some super users are publishing extensions just to widen the column length. It might engage objects range. So I just want to block them from publishing extensions with other super permissions remains as it is. Is it possible?

One more thing what D365 Extension MGT permission set does?

Thanks in Advance.

i bet they have permissions to use designer right? you just need to remove d365 extension mgt permissionn set from those users.

Thanks for reply Imran.

I tried that. We can use D365 Extension MGT permission set while giving the role. D365 Extension MGT permission set restrict the user from down loading the symbols.

As this user already created and roles are already defined, he already down loaded the symbol so even if now I remove this permission set my purpose is not solving. He is able to create object extensions.

I should modify my subject line - Want to block user from publishing object extensions.

If the problem surrounds the cloud production tenant, then you should always disable the designer. Nobody should be able to design directly in production!

But when that has been said, then it’s something management should decide. Generally nobody except IT should have access to design, and certainly nobody than IT should have permissions to publish and install extensions.