VS Code and Online Sandbox connection

Hi All,

I am working on extension for BC online sandbox. Have created Table and page extension.

After compiling getting below error


when checked in debugger console nothing there.

when check in output getting massage of package created successfully.


After compiling in VS Code successfully, it should reflect in BC Env. one mere thing it is not asking for credentials also. Can someone tell the mistake? Why connection giving issue.

Following are the details,

Thanks in advance.

Your first screen dump cannot be maximized so it is possible to see what the errormessage is :frowning:

But generally if code can be compiled but it for some reason does not work - then do help about in VSCode and check that you are not running verson 1.29.X - it currently has issues and you need to downgrade to an older version.

Yes, version is


and error message is

Could not publish the package to the server. See Visual Studio Code debug console for more details.

OK, Try downgrading to 1.28.X


Thanks, its working now.