voucher report creation

Dear All,
Can I use integer as dataitem in the first row of report
designer when creating a voucher report and the gen. journal
line indented to the integer ? name of dataitem is printcheck
The form of voucher receivables will look like as follows:
gen. journal line as dataitem in this section
Company Name [thick box]cash [thick box]bank

Account No.
Check No.

integer as dataitem in this section
Received from :
Amount :
Amount in word :
Remark :

–this will be gen. journal line as dataitem in this section
Table Tabel for signature
No.| Reference | Debit | Credit Director | Finance | Accounting

I apreciate your answer. TIA


Problem will exist as soon as you reprint the list and did insert a new line in between. Then your numbering will not be according to the previous printout:

i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 (is new),6 (was 5 before), 7 (was 6 before), …

If this is not a problem for you … ?

Anyway I would rather introduce a global integer variable and increment it in OnAfterGetRecord and use the integer variable as SourceExpression in your report.

Anyway if the numbering story is an issue for you, you will have to add the integer number as a new field in the General Journal Line and prefill all empty numbers with a value prior to printing if they are empty. In this case the “inserted” new record will not interrupt the numbers already present.