Void Payment & Receipts

Hi After posting a payment or a receipt, I want to delete the receipt or payment. How does navision handle this? Do I have to enter in a contra entry to offset these entries or can I just find the original entry and void it so as the system does the contra entry itself. Kind Regards Gary

Hi, The best thing is to use a journal to correct the payment or receipt. The reason is not to allow direct correction on the original entry. when correction are to be made you only need to make reference to the initial document numbers that you are correcting. Make sure that the correction is approved by a superior office or by the appropriate office. This will reduce the use of journal.

Hi, First of all Navision does not support deletion of data which already reflected in GL. Only way could be use paymnet Journal and pass correction entry. You can make use of exact cost reversing option,that might be of help to you. Hope this helps you. Regards, Rajesh S.

you might want to check out this little add-on, there is a video demo http://www.simcrest.com/SimCrestproducttemplate1.asp?ProductID=Void%20Pay

I realize that you asked how to delete the payment, not unapply it. All should know that in v4.0, it is possible to unapply payments in both A/R and A/P. Then, the correcting journal entry could be made to apply to the unapplied payment, closing the wrong entry so it won’t appear on again reports, etc. - Dave Hutchinson