Visualize thousand/decimal character in warehouse app

Hi everybody

Does anybody know what needs to be configured or if it is possible, when seeing a quantity field in the warehouse mobile app, if a quantity of 1000000 is entered that the screen shows 1,000,000.00 to the user?

Is this something to be done in the device or in Dynamics?


Normally it should take format from Country region mentioned for employee i guess.I checked for Euro and it comes normally

Hi Manas,

In the Dynamics environment where the whs device is connected, after enter a quantity in a movement journal for example, it shows 1,000,000.00 while if I enter the same qty in the whs app it only shows 1000000


Just to clarify which Dynamics Version you are using here?

Is it D365 for finance and operation?

Is it possible you can tell me steps you are following to view this?I will try to replicate in my system then…

Also can you confirm from your technical if this is standard field for customized one…

Hi Manas,

Yes, it is D365FO last version, every quantity field in the device behaves the same, but the screen in the picture is purchase order line receiving.

This is all standard, no customization exist.