Visual Studio 2013 Crash When Rebuilding SalesInvoice SSRS Report

I am facing VS crash problem after copying SSRS report design.

I need to modify SalesInvoice SSRS report. Our normal practice is to make a copy of the design we are going to modify before starting modification.

Before i copy the design (design_1), i do rebuild to SalesInvoice, the rebuild can be success with two warmings.

After duplicated a design by copying and pasting it, i tried to rebuild the copied design, i got following error message.

I remove the copied design (design_1) and try to copy other design (design_2). design_2 can be rebuilt successfully.

I tried to duplicate other designs, only some of them has rebuild error.

I believe that it should be some error in those designs.

is there any way i can easily locate what and where the problem is in those report designs?

My environment is AX 2012 R3 CU11 (6.3.4000.127) with VS 2013 version update 5 (12.0.40629.00) and SQL 2012 64-bit (11.0.6567.0).

We upgraded AX from R2 to R3 this year and the report has no such issue before.

The problem was fixed, the reason is report has too many designs, so the size is too big. Delete some obsolete designs and the error gone.